Andover Knights of Columbus

Weight Room and Locker Room Updates

In November, Andover #1078 Inc. began a project to refurbish the Weight Room and Locker Room Areas. The old wood paneling and decaying drop-down ceiling were removed and replaced. Lighting in both areas was removed and recessed LED panels installed.   New Equipment and Amenities:

Locker Room

  1. A refrigerator was added to the Locker Room area that is stocked with free bottled water for members of the council.
  2. Additional Towel hooks, a new mirror, and a table/chair have been added to the Locker Room area.
  3. Fans have been added to both the Locker Room and Weight Room to improve air circulation.
Weight Room
  1. A new treadmill has been added to the current one already in the Gym.
  2. A new Elliptical has been added to replace the old/rusted one.
  3. Dumbbells have been added to the rack to replace missing weights.
  4. Work out Posters, holders for the stability balls, and two new floor mats have also been brought in.
  5. A Message Board has been installed with news and Gym Rules. Please read next time you visit! Rules are intended to preserve the quality of our space and safety/usability for all members.
  1. Sections of the Floor and benches have been replaced with new cedar.
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