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Council History

Brief History of Andover Council #1078

The Order of the Knights of Columbus, which was founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney to promote Catholic fraternalism, was first rooted in the princes of Unity and Charity. Later, the guiding principles of the Knights were expanded to include Fraternity and Patriotism The Andover Knights of Columbus endeavor to live by these principles and use them as a guiding path to perform good works for the community.


Our Council was formed in 1906 back when Andover was a little more than a quiet farming community. The Council was formally established on January 28, 1906. Lawrence Council #67 at Sagar Hall in the Odd Fellow building held the first degree, which conferred member on most of the charter members of the Andover Council. William J Sullivan, Grand Knight of the Lowell Council conferred the second degree and on February 1, 1906, the exemplification of the third degree was performed by District Deputy Edward L. Arundel.   Andover’s Postmaster, Mr. John H. McDonald was named the first Grand Knight.


The initial meetings of the new Council were held in several small rooms over Burns’ store on Main St. As the Council rapidly expanded, it took over the second floor of the McNally block on Park St. In 1923 a committee was formed to purchase a home that would satisfy their space requirements. The Council ultimately purchased the Swift Residence on Main St. and moved it to Chestnut St. Extensive alterations and improvements were made. Unfortunately, the Depression hit the Council hard and the building was lost.


In the late 1920’s, the Andover Knights of Columbus hosted the Catholic Daughters of America’s local Court of St. Monica for their bi-weekly meetings. This gesture provide to be of great benefit to both organizations as they co-hosted many events for the benefit of the local community. The court would lay the critical history and groundwork for a Ladies Auxiliary at Andover Council #1078.


The Andover Knights actively supported Archbishop Cushing’s efforts for exceptional children, including care for those at the Kennedy Memorial Hospital. We were one of approximately 30 Councils that provided a monthly contribution to the Archbishop for that purpose. As an expression of his gratitude, the then Cardinal Cushing presented the Council with a portrait and signed note, to recognize the numerous efforts to undertaken by our members to help raise over $70,000 for the Appeal. Grand Knight Bill Tammany received the gift on the council’s behalf in October of 1958.


Building off of its many years of success and positive reputation, the Andover Council undertook the great task of raising funds and interest in the purchase of a new home for the Council. A great unity of purpose and drive to support its members, coupled with the support of its Ladies Auxiliary, the council laid the groundwork in the mid 1950’s, to build a new home.


In Feb. 1962, a Corporate Board was elected raise funds for and then manage a new facility. Its inaugural officer were President Bob Noonan, VP Bill Tammany, Treasurer Larry Morrisroe, and Secretary Frank Bayliss. Those four officers and Board Members Joseph Connor, George C. Durant, Frederick Griffin, Arthur Lavely, George Nangle, Frank Nelligan, Andrew Pendelton Jr., John Polgreen, James F. Sullivan, Joseph C. Sullivan, and Joseph Tassinari formally incorporated Andover 1078 Inc. on 3/16/1962. In May and June of that year it was decided to sell shares for our new building fund. A certificate would cost $150 in cash or if paid by month at $13/month, then $156. A plaque hangs in our current building commemorating the 122 shareholders of Andover 1078 Inc.


A property on Osgood St. Frontage Road was purchased and in Oct. 1963 Board President Bob Noonan was tasked to obtain a building permit from the Town of Andover. Board Treasurer and PGK Larry Morrisroe obtained a 15-year mortgage, and remained Treasurer through the entire period of the loan.


In 1963 GK John Lyons asked Father Francis L. Sullivan of St. Roberts to be Chaplain of the Andover Council. While primarily attached to St. Augustine’s Parish in Andover, the council maintained a positive and cooperative relationship with various Catholic institutions, including St. Robert Bellarmine Parish and Merrimack College.


In Oct. 1964 the new Council home was opened on Osgood Street, and named Briarcliff.  Briarcliff remained the Council’s home from 1964 – 1985. The council maintained a bar, function hall, and meeting spaces in Briarcliff for the benefit of its members and the broader catholic community of Andover. When the mortgage was paid off in 1979, the council began exploring other options for a Council home as the bar at Briarcliff was proving to be a mixed blessing.


In 1966, Andover #1078 facilitated inclusion of French Speaking catholic men in the area.  The council hosted a first, second, and third degree for French-Speaking men to join the Knights of Columbus.  The Council partnered with a Degree Team from Montreal, who came to Andover to conduct the degrees at the Briarcliff facility.


In 1985, the Andover Guild Youth Center building at 10 Brook Street was purchased. The facility, including its Gymnasium, presented new opportunities and possibilities for Andover 1078 Inc. Briarcliff was sold to the Professional Center for Childhood Development who occupies the space to this day. Andover 1078 Inc. and the Andover Knights of Columbus Mother of Good Counsel Council #1078 has been at the Brook Street facility ever since.


The new facility posed new opportunities for community support and the Andover Knights of Columbus quickly took advantage of them. For nearly two decades, Andover 1078 Inc. hosted St. Augustine School’s gym classes and basketball and volleyball practices in its basketball court. A wrestling team was given free access to the site during this time as well.   The Andover Knights of Columbus hosted two cub scout Packs and a boy scouts troop in its upper floors. To this day, the facility remains a resource for local non-profit groups and sports groups.


In 1992, the growth of the community of Knights in Andover and Tewksbury justified the establishment of a new council at St. Roberts Bellarmine Parish in west Andover. Council #10877 was formed on April 10, 1992 to the support and fraternal friendship of Andover Council #1078. With regular programming at St. Roberts, the Knights of Columbus of Andover are able to offer exciting and meaningful programming every month. To this day, the two councils collaborate on numerous opportunities, such as Andover Day and the Pregnancy Cares Center Banquet, to promote the Knights’ mission and support organizations we care about.


By the late 1990s, the Council's annual Golf Tournament became a major event drawing in over 100 participants.  Grand Knight Dennis Regan was instrumental in the event's success.


In January 2004, under the leadership of Grand Knight Chuck Lane, the Andover Knights of Columbus started the Winter Warm-up as a new annual tradition. Held at Angelica’s Restaurant in Middleton, the event has evolved into the Council’s largest fundraiser and event of the year. Since its establishment, the Council utilizes the event to honor individuals or organizations whose efforts exemplify the principles of the Knights of Columbus and the life of Fr. Michael McGivney.


On January 28, 2006, the Andover Knights of Columbus, Council #1078 celebrated its 100th anniversary. The Council was recognized by local and state officials and governments for its service to the local community and the council received a proclamation from the Supreme Council Knights of Columbus. A celebration was held by Grand Knight Hugh Brown at Wyndham in Andover to mark the occasion.


In February 2009, under the leadership of Past Grand Knight Chuck Lane and Mike Toth, the Andover Knights of Columbus expanded the Winter Warm-up setting the stage for its evolution into the council's biggest event of the year. In 2010, the Council added an honoree, an individual or organization whose efforts exemplify the principles of the Knights of Columbus and the life of Fr. Michael McGivney, as an important element of the Winter Warmup.


In 2010, Grand Knight Patrick Curley issued in a new era of success for the Andover Knights of Columbus, securing star council for the first time in over 40 years and establishing a legacy for future leadership. Grand Knight Paul Dollard and Jerry Fox would follow suit in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

On January 28, 2017, the Council’s annual Winter Warm-up was organized to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its parish, St. Augustine Parish of Andover. Under the leadership of Grand Knight Philip D’Agati, the council planned and participated in a year long series of events, including a Jubilee Mass said by Cardinal Sean O’Malley and two St. Augustine Festivals. At the Winter Warm-up, the Council presented the parish with a statue of its patron, St. Augustine, which sits in the Church to this day. The Massachusetts State Knights of Columbus presented the Andover Council with it’s Church Service Award for its efforts in these events.


On January 28, 2017, the Council’s annual Winter Warm-up was organized to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its parish, St. Augustine Parish of Andover. Under the leadership of Grand Knight Philip D’Agati, the council planned and participated in a year long series of events, including a Jubilee Mass said by Cardinal Sean O’Malley and two St. Augustine Festivals. At the Winter Warm-up, the Council presented the parish with a statue of its patron, St. Augustine, which sits in the Church to this day. The Massachusetts State Knights of Columbus presented the Andover Council with it’s Church Service Award for its efforts in these events.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the council, taking the lives of several council members including Past Grand Knight J. Leo Bernard. The Council lost all events but continued to grow in membership, conducted online meeting, instituted programming to support its members and community, winning Double Star Council in 2020 and Star Council in 2021.


In 2023, under the leadership of Grand Knight Philip D’Agati, the council held the 20th Annual Winter Warmup, raising the largest sum of money for charity in the program’s history and winning the State Council’s Faith in Action Award for Community Programming. The council would go on to win Star Council again that year.


To this day, the Andover Council and Andover 1078 Inc. promote the virtues of Fr. McGivney, the principles of the Knights of Columbus, and support the local community. The Andover Council is a top-ten council in fundraising for children with special needs, is a regular recipient of Supreme Council awards, and is proud supporter of St. Augustine Parish. The Council continues to host events to raise money and awareness for causes in line with its mission and actively pursues causes that it can support or groups that it can host in its facility.


Council Awards

Annual Council Awards:

Double Star Council Awards*:  2020

Star Council Awards*:  2022, 2021, 2019, 2016, 2014, 2010, 1966, 1954, 1953

Columbian Awards (Programs): 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2006, 2004, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1953

Father McGivney Awards (Membership): 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2016, 2014, 2010, 2006, 2004, 1995, 1994, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1966, 1954, 1953, 1952

Founders’ Awards (Insurance): 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2016, 2014, 2010, 1989, 1966, 1954, 1953

* Star Council and Double Star Council is achieved by receiving the Columbian Award, McGivney Award, and Founders' Award in the same year.


Special Awards:

Supreme Diamante Award: (Membership increase of 583%): 1986

Community Service Award: 2012

Family Service Award: 2013

Church Service Award: 2017

Council Activity Award: 2018

Faith in Action Community Award: 2023



Past Grand Knights

John McDonald
KofC logo
Patrick Duane
John A. Daly
T.J. Mahoney
1910 - 1911
John McDonald
1911 - 1912
James W. Daly
1913 - 1914
Michael Crowley
1914 - 1915
Bernard McDonald
1915 - 1917
Patrick J. Barrett
1917 - 1918
Frank Mooney
KofC logo
Michael J. Brennon
Frank S. McDonald
1919 - 1925
Jeremiah Daly
1925 - 1926
Augustine Sullivan
1925 - 1927
Vincent P. Hickey
1927 - 1928
Michael A. Burke
1928 - 1930
William A. Doherty
1930 - 1933
Augustine Sullivan
1933 - 1936
William A. Harnedy
1936 -1939
Eddie Doyle
1939 - 1952
William McDonald
1952 - 1953
Henry J. Dolan
1953 - 1954
Larry Morrisroe
1954 - 1955
Harold A. Curry
1955 - 1956
T. John Riley
1956 - 1957
Charles D. Regan
1957 - 1958
William F. Tammany
1958 - 1960
George J. Nangle
1960 - 1961
Jim Sullivan, Sr.
1961 - 1962
Arthur B. Lovely
1962 - 1963
John J. Lyons
1963 - 1964
Frank B. Bayliss
1964 - 1965
Raymond J. Bolduc
1965 - 1967
Michael R. Mulligan
1967 - 1968
James R. Smyth
1968 - 1969
Thomas P. Torrisi
1969 - 1970
Jim Sullivan, Sr.
1970 - 1971
J. Leo Bernard
1971 - 1972
Matthew J. Hall
1972 - 1973
Timothy M. Bryant
1973 - 1974
Chris Goumas
1974 - 1975
Philip J. Gately
1975 - 1977
Francis G. Macklin
1977 - 1978
George J. Nangle
1978 - 1979
William Ceurvels
1979 - 1980
John P. Sheehan
1980 - 1981
Jim Sullivan, Jr.
1981 - 1982
Douglas J. Nagle
1982 - 1984
George J. Nangle
1984 - 1986
Richard Sayers
1986 - 1988
David Doucette
1988 - 1990
Robert Hahesy
1990 - 1991
William Gallant
1991 - 1992
Michael Goumas
1992 - 1993
Michael Schwing
1993 - 1994
Frank McNeice
1994 - 1996
John Muscatel
1996 - 1997
Hugh Brown
1997 - 1999
Dennis Regan
1999 - 2000
Jack DeCourcy
2000 - 2002
Stephen Hogarty
2002 - 2003
Chuck Lane
Chuck Lane
2003 - 2004
Patrick Curley
Hugh Brown
2004 - 2006
Mike Schwing
Jack DeCourcy
2007 - 2008
Patrick Curley
2008 - 2011
Jim Hauer
2011 - 2013
Paul Dollard
2013 - 2014
Dennis W. Ricketts
2014 - 2015
Jerry Fox
2015 - 2016
Philip A. D'Agati
2016 - 2020
David Tagliaferri
2020 - 2022
Philip A. D'Agati
2022 - 2023


District Deputies from our Council

Frank S. McDonald
1923 - 1926
James F. Sullivan, Sr.
1966 - 1969
William A. Harnedy
1930 - 1935
James R. Smith
1969 - 1972
William L. McDonald
1953 - 1956
John DeCourcy
2009 - Current
William A. Doherty
1957 - 1960
Patrick Curley
2011 - 2014
William F. Tammany
1963 - 1966
James Hauer
2014 - 2017



               Knights of Columbus charter Robert J. Barrett William J. Haggerty William E. McKeon
James J. Bonner Matthew S. Hannon Frank McManus
Daniel J. Bogan Joseph Higgins Frank J. Mooney
David S. Burns Richard J. Hodnetts Thomas F. Nuckley
William J. Burns John F. Hurley Thomas E. O’Donnell
Patrick J. Carroll Mark M. Keane David J. O’Donnell
John T. Clinton John Kelley John A. O’Donnell
Joseph M. Comber John J. Kelley Thomas F. O’Connor
Joseph F. Curran James E. Kyle Bernard E. Reilly
Patrick Daly Joseph P. Lynch John S. Robertson
John A. Daly Thomas F. Lonergan James A. Robinson
Martin Doherty Leonard J. Lorimer Harry F. Schofield
Thomas J. Doherty Patrick Lynch John J. Schofield
William J. Doherty Thomas J. Madden James F. Scott
John F. Driscoll Patrick Madden John W. Scott
John J. Driscoll Joseph P. Maguire Joseph B. Scott
James Duggan Timothy J. Mahoney John S. Stack
Edward D. Duane Thomas E. Maloney John J. Sullivan
Patrick J. Dwane James J. McCafferty John Sweeney
Michael J. Flaherty Frank S. McDonald George D. Walsh
Ralph R. Graham John H. McDonald Michael Winters
James H. Green William L. McDonald
James B. Haggerty Patrick McGovern
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