Chaplain and Clergy – Andover Knights of Columbus

Chaplain and Clergy

The clergy play an integral role in the life of the Council. Led by the Chaplain, our clergy members provide moral, ethical, and fraternal guidance to the council and its leadership. The Chaplain serves as an officer in the council, opens and closes our meetings with prayer, and supports the overall programming of the council. Our clergy are an important part of the council’s membership as they symbolize and strengthen the relationship between the Council and the Church.

Reverend Edward J. Enright, O.S.A.

Reverend Enright at podiumChaplain’s Message

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Past Council Chaplains

Reverend McGowan Headshot
1906 – 1907
Very Reverend
James A. McGowan
Reverend Riordan Headshot
1907 – 1918
Very Reverend
Frederick S. Riordan, O.S.A
Reverend Nugent Headshot
1918 – 1926
Very Reverend
John A. Nugent, O.S.A
Reverend Branton
1926 – 1935
Very Reverend
Charles A. Branton, O.S.A
Reverend McErlian Headshot
1935 – 1935
Very Reverend
John A. McErlian, O.S.A
Reverend Austin Headshot
1935 – 1944
Very Reverend
Thomas B. Austin, O.S.A
Reverend Fogarty Headshot
1944 – 1950
Very Reverend
Thomas P. Fogarty, O.S.A
 Reverend Campbell headshot
1950 – 1956
Very Reverend
Patrick Campbell, O.S.A
Reverend Smith headshot
1956 – 1963
Very Reverend
Henry B. Smith, O.S.A
Reverend Sullivan
1963 – 1966
Very Reverend
Francis L. Sullivan
 Reverend Campbell headshot
1966 – 1973
Paul Keyes
Reverend Martin
1973 – 1979 
Very Reverend
Jon Martin
Reverend Smith Headshot
1979 – 1983 
Stanley C. Smith, O.S.A.
Reverend Vitali headshot
1983 – 1986 
James J. Vitali, O.S.A.
Reverend Arthur Johnson Headshot
1986 – 1993 
Arthur D. Johnson, O.S.A.
Reverend Alfred Ellis Headshot
1993 – 1996 
Alfred J. Ellis, O.S.A.
Reverend Ellis headshot
Augustinian Logo
 1996 – 2000
Reverend Ellis Headshot
2000 – 2004 
Alfred J. Ellis, O.S.A.
Reverend Vitali headshot
2004 – 2006 
James J. Vitali, O.S.A.
Reverend Narog Headshot
2006 – 2010 
Joseph J. Narog, O.S.A.
Reverend Gori headshot
 2010 – 2014
Peter G. Gori, O.S.A.
Reverend Enright Headshot
 2014 – Current
Edward J. Enright, O.S.A.


Clergy in Andover Council #1078

Our Member Priests

Rev. Peter G. Gori, O.S.A.
Rev. Arthur D. Johnson, O.S.A.
Rev. Bryan J. Kerns, O.S.A.
Rev. Frank Nash
Rev. George Williams

Our Member Deacons

Deacon Michael F. Curren

Our Member Brothers

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