Brotherhood Knight – Andover Knights of Columbus

Brotherhood Knight

Event Name: Annual Brotherhood Night

Date/Time of Year: Third Tuesday of June

Event Tags: Council Activities

Event Details: Each year the council hosts a Brotherhood Night where we celebrate the successes of the concluding Fraternal Year. The Council recognizes membership milestones (5yr 10yr, 15yr, 20yr, etc), presents its "Knight of the Year" award, "Council #1078 Lifetime Achievement" award, special awards of appreciation for service, and comical awards to members and friends of the council. A cookout is prepared for dinner and several state officers join us for the celebration. The event is open only to brother knights and is free of charge.

Knight of the Year

The Knight of the Year award is selected by the Grand Knight and presented to a Knight whose service to the council this year was exemplary. The award has been presented annually since 1987.


1987: David Doucette & George Nangle
1988: Sam Malandrino
1989:Bill Gallant
1990 Jim Sullivan Jr.
1991 Jim Corbett
1992 Bill Buco & David Doucette
1993 Jim Murray
1994 Jack Murphy & Frank McNeice
1995 Dennis Regan
1996 Hugh Brown
1997 John D'Ambrosio
1998 Bruce Hale
1999 Richard Sayers
2000 Gerry Fennessey
2001 Charles Ryan
2002 Sean Sullivan
2003 Jim Sullivan, Jr.
2004 Steve Caron & Andrew Szendey
2005 John Lozowksi & Paul Kelly
2006 Patrick Curley
2007 Chuck Lane
2008 Michael toth
2009 James Keleher
2010 Fr. Joseph Narog, O.S.A.
2011 James Hauer
2012 John Barrett
2013 Chuck Colombo
2014 Paul Kelly
2015 Richard Paskowsky
2016 Paul Dollard
2017 James Keleher
2018 Andrew Szendey
2019 John Barrett & Steve Caron
2020 Paul Kelly
2021 Philip D'Agati
2022 Todd Beati

Council #1078 Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement award is presented to a Knight for longstanding and outstanding contributions to Council #1078 and who has also represented Council #1078 beyond our council through service to the Massachusetts State Knights of Columbus, to our local community, to Andover 1078 Inc., or other organizations. The award was first presented in 2017 and is presented only in those years the Grand Knight and Trustees deem it appropriate.


2017: Jack DeCourcy
2018: Jim Sullivan
2019: Pat Curley

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